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FAQs !

1. How does it work?
The application uses Emails to communicate between different devices. The protocol is rather straight forward. Mum's PC periodically sends performance-related information to your Email address. You can send commands to Mum's PC by sending it to another Email address that is bound to your Mum's PC. The agent running in Mum's PC will somehow get the mail and execute the command. A typical command would look something like this:

ForceUninstall;MarkdownPad 2;somepath;

In this particular example, once the agent receives the email containing that info, it will silently uninstall MarkdownPad 2 (if necessary, the agent will force close it first).

In fact, you can choose to leave the Windows 8 app alone and respond to your Mum's PC directly via Email. The Windows 8 app is provided to help you compose a command Email, but you're free to choose to compose and send it manually.

2. Why Emails?
Since we do not wish to have any reliance on infrastructures. No one wishes to have a server running to use this app. Also, we do not wish to deal with IP things. Another better solution, though, is to take advantage of the push servers, but we're not quite there yet.

3. What performance information is collected?
Currently, IO, memory and CPU Usage are collected via Windows Management Instrumentation. This information is considered as an index to the resource intensity level of this application. To get a real feeling of what's get collected, please execute this in Windows PowerShell:

Get-WmiObject -class Win32PerfFormattedDataPerfProcProcess_

4. Why isn't all program uninstalled silently?
Some programs, such as ClickOnce programs, cannot be uninstalled silently. End-users must interact with the uninstallation guide. But fortunately, there isn't too many of such program. Usually, programs installed with MsiExec.exe can be uninstalled silently.

5. Why there is no ClickOnce release?
The application requires administrative privileges to be able to silently uninstall certain applications in the Windows PC, however, ClickOnce applications cannot be deployed as elevated applications. We understand that ClickOnces are really convenient but it is not suitable for deploying this kind of applications. We'll make the agent running in Mum's PC a standard Windows Service.

6. Why am I getting those unwanted license-related dialogues?
We are using some third party libraries (Like the Mail.dll) to facilitate the development. These libraries are all trials.

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